Amber Lee Smith


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Amber Presenting a Technology Camp to Argentine Middle School Students
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Cerner DevCon 2017!
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Showing Pride!

Amber Lee Smith is an Agile Software Engineer, designer, programmer, data analyst and web developer with deep a sense of perfectionism from working with hospital technologies from the start with wide-ranging IT experience. Strive to build and maintain software that is as structurally, semantically and aesthetically cohesive as it is intuitive for the user. Work collaboratively to isolate problem domains and implement simple and repeatable solutions.

About Amber Lee Smith’s Educational Journey

With a lot of dedication packed in, Amber Lee Smith is glad to say that she will graduate from Drake University in the Spring of 2018, going went gone above and beyond, packing in rigorous upper-level courses all into the second year of her college experience and even into the summer. Such classes include: Machine Learning, Cloud, and Database Systems (her favorite), Digital Computer Organization, Advanced C++ and Computer Graphics.

About Amber Lee Smith’s Employment

She has completed several internships with Cerner Corporation located in North Kansas City. Cerner is a healthcare Information technology company, that means they create and maintain technologies for hospitals. Amber Lee Smith says that “You really get a sense of purpose working there, how can you not?” Technologies that include computers that dispense medications. Her job, however, was to create applications that support the associates and so they can better help the client.

Amber Lee Smith’s objective for her professional career is to seek and accept the engaging assignments and responsibility which coexists with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as successful achievements. To find an innovated and motivated company to plant roots in and grow through the levels. Finally, not to be afraid of new technologies and be flexible enough to work with anything.

Amber’s other passion

Yes, she seems to be all about the technology – but I also have played the Viola for the past ten years. She has play in the following groups: Drake University’s Symphonic Orchestra, JC Harmon’s Symphonic Orchestra, Kansas City, Kansas Community Orchestra, Kansas City Philharmonia. Receiving awards and honors for solo performances and group performances.